photography by Tetsuya Hayashiguchi
Ars Electronica 2011
Digital Content Expo 2011

Kouji Ohno(Software)
Tetsuya Yamamoto (Hardware)
Nobu MIake (Industrial Design)
Toshikazu Toyama (Contents)

project description:
This is an interactive musical instrument which generates ‘mirage’ by surrounding the audience spatially with music and images. It detects the emotions of the audience with sensors and reflects them into music and images. It has a projector that composes 360 degrees visual space. A player chooses sound loops on the touch panel and images are generated adaptively. The acrylic panels of the body are faintly brightened with full color LEDs and they are also physical input by touching. This instrument can make a dance floor anywhere temporarily.
The software is based on the game engine we have developed. It runs fast and can manage music, images, camera and sensors in real-time. The contents are written by a scripting language. It is also powerful and flexible enough to apply complex digital signage.

This project was supported by IPA mitoh program 2011